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Student Athletes

Welcome to Prep48! Congratulations, on taking the first and most important step to becoming a college athlete. High school athletes that plan on participating in a sport at a NCAA Division I or II school must meet specific academic requirements in order to be eligible. Prep48 is a web-based program that allows students to track their progress toward meeting these NCAA initial eligibility requirements.

Having a Prep48 account simplifies the initial eligibility process. Students know where they stand at all times. Once their account is established they will have access to view their account in order to monitor their progress, update core courses, as well share their results with college coaches.

Students should check with their guidance counselor to see if their high school has a Prep48 account.

Counselors and Coaches

Welcome to the Prep48 Site. Prep48 is a web-based program that allows students, parents, coaches, and guidance counselors to simply and accurately track a student-athletes progress towards meeting NCAA initial eligibility standards. The program ensures that everyone involved in helping a prospective college athlete has quick and easy access to their core course information.

What happens at your school when a college coach calls and asks about an athlete’s status concerning their initial-eligibility? One scenario begins with a mad dash to the guidance office to research a student's transcript. Once the transcript is located, it is usually visually scanned for core courses. After that, maybe a hand calculation is done to determine the student's core course GPA. Prep48 eliminates these time consuming steps. When a school sets up an account with Prep48, all the critical initial-eligibility data is automatically calculated, stored, and easily accessible to everyone advising the student-athlete.


Special Programs

Welcome to Prep48. How many of the athletes that you either coach or advise have an understanding of NCAA initial-eligibility requirements? There are too many examples of student-athletes that earn athletic scholarships to college only to learn at the last minute that they are ineligible because they have not taken the right core courses. A Prep48 account allows student-athletes to monitor their progress throughout their high school years, thus eliminating any last minute surprises.

When student-athletes register for an account, they have the option of having one or our experienced counselors review their high school transcript, evaluate their core courses, and set up their account for them (Premium Account). Another option is for them to input the data on their own with step by step instructions from us (Standard Account). After a student's courses and grades are input into the Prep48 program it instantly calculates their core course G.P.A. gives the corresponding SAT or ACT score needed to qualify. Once a student establishes an account, they can access it at anytime to either monitor or update.

As a special program member your athletes will also receive a discount code allowing them to register for an account at a substantial savings. For more specific questions pertaining to your program, please call (845) 826-5692. Please take a moment and click on the demo below to get more information on how using Prep48 can benefit your athletes.


Prep48 is web-based program that allows students, parents, coaches and guidance counselors to simply and accurately track a student-athletes academic progress toward qualifying for NCAA initial-eligibility.
  • Prep48 automatically computes a students necessary Core Course GPA and corresponding SAT/ACT score.
  • No Mistakes, No Guesswork, No Confusion just clear and precise information on where a student stands and what else they might need.
  • Students, coaches and guidance counselors are able to communicate with college recruiters easier and more accurately by sharing Prep48 summary information with them.
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What people are saying about Prep48……

“Prep48 has been an invaluable resource for our Athletic and Guidance Staff. We easily enter student information into a format that is convenient to use and access. Most importantly, the results can be clearly displayed when we consult with student-athletes and their parents.”
Damon Chase, Athletic Director ~ Helix Charter High School, LA Mesa, CA

“The Prep48 program allows me to make sure my son is staying on track to be eligible for college athletics. A Prep48 account is a must have for anyone considering playing college ball."
Peter Lyons, Parent ~ Minnesota

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Initial Eligibility in the News

Iowa all-state basketball player loses division I scholarship, takes incorrect class and falls one-third credit short in English Core………….

Wisconsin High School hockey player and parents bring suit against school district claiming guidance counselor provided them with inaccurate information regarding NCAA Initial Eligibility requirements. Student forced to give up scholarship.

Top high school football player from Texas pulled off college practice field and forced to sit out year due to NCAA Initial Eligibility requirements.

School Counselor's lack experience in dealing with college-bound student athletes. This was one of the topics at the 20th annual conference of The Sport and Recreation Law Association. The subject has initiated several lawsuits against districts with litigants arguing that a higher professional standard should apply.